Q: My heated clothing doesn't seem to be getting as warm as it used to. What could be the cause of this?

When there is a general drop in performance, it can usually be attributed to poor electrical contact in one of the external plugs. Usually, this is the Battery Harness plug, since this plug is often connected to the bike all year long, and even under the seat in the summer, it is exposed to road grime. To clean this plug, first remove the battery harness fuse. Then use some plain drug-store alcohol and some tree-shaped dental brushes (also available at your drug store). Dig around using the dental brush until you can't get any more dirt/debris out of the Battery Harness plug. Blow it dry. Also, look down into the plug. There's a center pin with a split line down the center. Using the tiniest jeweler's screwdriver, press the point into the split line and spread the pin's halves apart just a little. Remove the screwdriver, replace the fuse, and it should all perform better.

Q: Gerbing's has several new 7 volt Battery-Powered Portable Products. Can I use these on my motorcycle?

Our 7 V line of portable, battery-powered products works very well for hunters, fishermen, hikers, backpackers and other sportsmen. However, it does not put out as much heat as our 12 volt Powersports products do. Therefore, except for low-speed use on scooters that don't have much alternator power for plug-in accessories, we don't recommend you use our 7 volt products on your motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV.

Q: How do your 7 volt products, which aren't designed for motorcycle use, differ from your 12 volt Hybrid products that are specifically for motorcycle use?

Our 7 volt products put out good heat. But our 12 volt products simply put out more heat. So, when traveling through cold air on a motorcycle, the more heat you have available, the better the chance you're going to be able to find a temp setting at which you are comfortable. Still, for those who want to be able to heat portions of their bodies without being tethered to the bike, we offer both Insoles and Gloves in a Hybrid-specific design, able to be powered either off the bike or off Gerbing 12 volt lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries. Modern 12 volt battery technology can power a full Jacket Liner or Pants Liner, but the draw is much higher on these larger garments, so the battery(ies) will not last as long, perhaps as little one hour on some larger garments when the heat is set on High.

Q: My gloves or jacket aren't working when plugged into my On/Off Switch or Temp Controller.

A: Always check the fuse on your Battery Power Harness or your bike's accessory port first. If it's OK, then you may be trying to power a dual-wired Jacket Liner with a Single Temp Controller or On/Off Switch. Dual-wired Jacket Liners have two individual circuits. One to power the jacket, and one to power the glove plugs at the ends of the sleeves. To power just the Jacket Liner alone, a Single Temp Controller or On/Off Switch works fine. But when you have both the Jacket Liner and Gloves, each of these two circuits needs power. With a Gerbing's Dual Temp Controller, you have the two power circuits you need. This is the ideal setup as you can set Jacket Liner and Glove temperatures independently. If you want to use a Gerbing's Single Temp Controller or On/Off Switch to power both the Jacket Liner and the gloves, you will need to use a Gerbing Splitter. The Splitter connects both circuits in a dual-Wired Jacket or Jacket Liner, and turns them into a single circuit, easily controller by a Single Temp Controller or On/Off Switch. However, with both the Jacket Liner and the Gloves on the same circuit they will both operate at the same temperature.

Q: What happens if I get wet?

A: Nothing. All of our wiring is plastic coated and there would be no shock from getting wet. Additionally, Gerbing's heated clothing operates at such a low voltage that it's unlikely the current could be felt, even if the wires were completely uninsulated.

Q: Can I use one Temperature Controller to power two people's heated gear?

A: No. The power cord would be overloaded with two people connected to it and this could cause a failure. Each person must have his or her own power cord and temperature controller. This is a very important safety issue.

Q: Can I use one Dual Temperature Controller to power two people's heated gear?

A: No. The power cord would be overloaded with two people connected to it and this could cause a failure. Each person must have his or her own power cord and temperature controller. This is a very important safety issue.

Q: Does the Jacket Liner come with everything I need to connect to the motorcycle?

A: All of our garments come with a Battery Power Harness, which connects to the battery and lets you position a pigtail/plug out the left side of your bike, either between that side of the seat/tank junction or perhaps out from under the seat, but in front of your left leg. However, you still have to select which of the many Gerbing's Temp Controller you want to use with your heated clothing. There are three portable controllers (one is an on/off switch, the second an infinitely adjustable single-garment controller and the third is an infinitely adjustable multi-garment dual controller. If you choose to permanently mount your controller to your motorcycle, then Gerbing's offers permanent-mount controllers in both single and dual configurations. With all these options, you can select the one that best fits your needs.

Q: Which plug on the Jacket Liner or Jacket PDU is for power in?

A: The plug closest to the main zipper is the Power In for the jacket itself. The next plug (middle plug) is the power in for gloves. The plug farthest away from the main zipper (female plug) is the accessory plug for connecting to your Gerbing Pants, Pant Liners and/or Insoles.

Q: The LED lights on my controller are blinking. Does that indicate a problem? A: No, that's normal. There's a single LED on the single controller and two LED's on the dual controller. When each knob is in the Off position, the light for that knob will be off. When you turn that knob On, the light will start blinking. The higher you turn up the power, the faster the light will blink until you have the knob turned up all the way at which time that LED will be on constantly (solid, no blinking). There is no problem in having one circuit turned up full and the other turned up part way.

Q: My dual controller has two knobs. Which one controls power to the jacket and which one controls power to the gloves?

A: Your dual controller has two power leads that plug into the PDU on the inside bottom of the left chest panel. One of these power leads has white heat shrink on it. It connects to the male PDU plug that has the white ring. The other power lead plugs into the other male PDU plug. When plugged in this way, the gray knob on your controller will set your jacket liner temperature and the black knob will set your glove temperature. Be sure to connect it the same way each time.

Q: Why must I purchase a controller separately?

A: Including a controller with the clothing would mean you'd be paying for a controller with your Jacket Liner, another with your Gloves, another with your Pant Liners, etc. Rather than make you pay for more controllers than you need, Gerbing's has designed four different controllers, as well as an on/off switch. We feel that putting that choice in your hands and letting you choose the type of controller you want to use with your gear, puts our customers' needs first.

Q: How much power will I draw off the battery?

A: That depends on which garment you are using. For the most accurate information, read the specifications that came with the product(s). Approximate power usage Product Amps/Watts at 12 V Amps/Watts at 13.8 V Gloves pair 2 A/24 W 2.3 A/32 W Jacket 6.5 A/78 W 7.5 A/103 W Vest 4 A/48 W 4.6 A/64 W Pants 4 A/48 W 4.6 A/64 W Insoles pair 1.4 A/17 W 1.6 A/22 W Fuse ratings Fuse color Amp rating Violet 3 A Tan 5 A Brown 7.5 A Red 10 A Blue 15 A Yellow 20 A

Q: Is my heated clothing waterproof?

A: Gerbing's outerwear products and gloves are constructed to conform to the industry standards of waterproofing and are designed to help keep you dry. Gerbing's outerwear is constructed with a waterproof outer layer, or face fabric. The main function of the face fabric is to provide a durable outer shell. To make the face fabric waterproof, the inside of the fabric is laminated with a urethane coating that provides a protective moisture membrane. In addition, all seams are tape sealed and our outerwear fabrics have a durable water-repellent coating (DWR) which is a chemical treatment that forces water to bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric. Gerbing's gloves (excluding glove liners) are all constructed with a waterproof/breathable membrane to keep your hands dry. However the leather is not waterproof and should be treated with a water repellant. We recommend NikWax Glove Proof, available from Gerbing's or your Gerbing's dealer.

Q: Can I wear my liner as an outer jacket?

A: Not when you are riding. The fabric and stitching are not made to withstand excessive wind, but are instead meant to be worn under a wind-resistant jacket. You may wear your liner as an outer jacket when walking around.

Q: Can I wash my Gerbing's jacket liners, pants, or insoles?

A: Yes, hand wash in Woolite®, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

Q: How tightly can I package, roll, or twist my garments?

A: You may pack, twist, or roll your liner as small as the Stuff Sacks available through Gerbing's Heated Clothing.

Q: What should I wear underneath my Gerbings Jacket Liner or Pant Liner?

A: You should always wear at least a single base layer underneath your Gerbing's Heated Clothing. Never wear multiple layers under your Gerbing's as this only serves to keep the heat away from your body. A single layer works best. Something like a long-sleeve cotton T-shirt, simple thermals, polypro (or other fast-wicking synthetic fabric) all work well. We all perspire, and our skin also secretes body oils. The purpose of the base layer is to keep the heated clothing from absorbing these oils, having them go into the wicking base layer instead. This makes it much easier to keep your heated clothing fresh and ready to go at a moment's notice (especially if you've packed them away tightly since you last used them).

Q: Can Gerbings 12 volt Portable Battery be used with Gerbing Heated Clothing?

A: The Gerbing's 12 volt/8 ampere rechargeable lithium polymer battery can provide power to heat our Gloves and Insoles. (link to photo of the battery) It can also be used to provide heat to our Pants or Pant Liners. However, because of their higher power draw, Gerbing's does not recommend using a battery to power its Jackets or Jacket Liners. The higher load can damage the battery and will void the manufacturer's warranty.

Q: Can I use my Gerbings Heated Clothing with a different company's temperature controller, or vice versa?

A: While the connecting plugs used by two different clothing/controller manufacturers may look the same, they are not. Not everyone specifies their plugs to the tolerances, contact pressures and disconnect (separation) pressures that Gerbing's does. Therefore, while electrical conduction is possible using a mixture of clothing and controllers from different manufacturers, it is not advised and may cause problems running the gamut from clothing that does not work efficiently, or does not work at all, all the way to damaging your clothing and invalidating of your warranty. For safety and functionality reasons, always use controllers that are from the same manufacturer as your heated clothing. They are designed to work together best.

Q: Can I use gloves from one manufacturer and a jacket liner from another?

A: Although it is possible, this is not recommended. Connection plug tolerances are not the same, even though the plugs look similar and will connect to each other. To ensure your safety, as well as the proper functioning of your gear, always use the same brand of clothing for all heated apparel items.

Q: My battery terminal's bolts are hard to loosen and almost impossible to remove without bike disassembly. Can I cut away part of the circumference of the battery rings on the Power Harness, and turn them into "forks" that I can slide over a loosened battery terminal bolt?

A: You can, but you must be very careful. As you tighten the battery terminal bolts they can "squeeze" the modified connector rings outward, away from the bolt, leaving you with improper, incomplete and unsafe connections. Be sure that when tight, the connection to the battery terminal bolts is deep and secure. Check them often.

Q: My bike already has a pigtail for my battery charger/maintainer. Can I use that to power Gerbing's Heated Clothing?

A: Unfortunately, no. We understand the desire not to have any more pigtail leads poking out from under the seat than is absolutely necessary. But depending on the device, some of these battery charger leads are only capable of handling the 1-to-2 amps that such chargers deliver. Using them to power from 4 to 15 amps of heated gear can blow the fuse and, even with the proper fuse in place, can overload the capacity of these same wire leads.

Q: My bike has a CANbus system and a built-in accessory port. I've heard that there are limits to how much current I can pass through that accessory port.

A: True, particularly in the case of 2006 — and later — BMW's (except the K1200LT and F650 singles). On these models, the accessory port is typically limited to a maximum of 5 amps before the CANbus's computer cuts power to the accessory port. In such cases, we recommend using the Gerbing's Battery Power Harness that came with your clothing. (link to the photo of the Battery Harness) This will give you a battery-direct connection that bypasses the CANbus system. Put the correct fuse in the Battery Harness and you're good to go.

Q: Can my bike's electrical system handle the draw?

A: Check the watts for each item of clothing that you will wear and compute the total watts of all items. Refer to your motorcycle owner's manual and/or dealer to look up the available wattage of your bike's electrical system (its alternator output). Subtract the wattage it takes to run your engine (including fuel injection and fuel pump if applicable), your headlight, taillight and any other electrical draw. If you're not sure, figure about 300 watts for a fuel-injected bike, about 200 watts for a carbureted bike. The amount of wattage output remaining is what's available to run your heated clothing. If your alternator output is rated in amps, remember these simple formulas: Watts divided by Voltage = Amps Watts = Amps times Voltage For consistency, use 14 volt (average alternator voltage output) when calculating the above.

Q: If I order from Canada, are the Customs Broker Fees included in the Courier Service Price, or should I expect additional charges upon pick up of product?

A: International duties and taxes are collected separately by the package courier. Gerbing's freight charges will cover standard shipping and brokerage expenses. Gerbing's will NOT pay for international duties or taxes.

Q: How do I register my product's warranty?

A: You can register online at http://gerbing.com/Info/warranty.php

Q: Can I use your battery-operated products when riding my motorcycle?

Technically, the answer is yes. However, it is not advised. With the exception of Gerbing's 12-volt Hybrid products (like our Hybrid Gloves and Hybrid LT Jackets) which are specifically designed for motorcycle use, our battery-operated products are generally designed to work from a smaller 7-volt battery. And while this produces plenty of heat for activities like walking on a cold day, hunting, fishing or other relatively fixed activities, you will likely find that the amount of heat is insufficient to overcome the wind chill as you ride through cold air at 60mph on your bike. To ensure the right product for the right activity, Gerbing's recommends that you only use its Powersports Gear for activities like motorcycling, snowmobiling and ATV riding.