Instructions for connecting your heated clothing

Powering your products through a 12-volt electrical system
When powering your heated clothing through the 12-volt electrical system of a vehicle you should be sure that your vehicle’s electrical system can handle the electrical draw. To help make the determination, you should find out your vehicle’s maximum electrical output capacity in watts and then subtract that from the wattage draw when all of your vehicle’s electrical components are working. The remaining wattage number is what remains to operate additional electrical accessories such as our heated clothing. You can find the product’s wattage draw on each individual product page.

Most vehicles have no problem powering one or a couple of items. Most touring and cruising motorcycles have no problem powering a full suit, including gloves and insoles. If you are unsure, you should limit your heated clothing use to one product at a time to prevent taxing your vehicle’s electrical system. Another option is to regulate the draw from the electrical system with a Gerbing's Temp-Controller, which allows heated clothing products to draw less than full power.

Wearing Gerbing's heated clothing keeps you warmer than you have ever been. This extra warmth comes from connecting your heated clothing to a 12-volt DC power source, either your vehicle's battery or a portable battery.

Because all of our 12-volt heated clothing interconnects, you only need a single connection to your battery. Click on a link below for more specific instructions.

•Powered sports: Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile

Enjoy the warmth!


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